Maternity Nurse in London


Candidate prepared to undertake all duties related to a new born baby, assisting in establishing routine and introducing sleep patterns as well as looking after the baby during the night. She will be there to support and encourage breastfeeding and offer advice on all matters relating to the baby, their siblings as well as general support to the mother to help her to recover after baby’s birth.

Working Hours: 5 to 6 days a week

24 hours if they are required to live in or 8 – 12 hour day if they live out or nights only.

Maternity nurses are entitled to a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of free time during the day to rest, however they are still on call should the mother need their assistance. Time off is a minimum of one full day and one full night and that’s when they are expected to sleep alone or can even take time off and leave the premises.

Salaries are dependent on experience and your requirements but you should generally expect to pay from:

24hour care with a single baby: £130+ per day
24hour care with multiple births: £150+ per day (twins) or £180+ per day (triplets)
Hourly rate for a daily or night Nurse: £14 per hour +

Maternity nurses unlike our nannies are self-employed (responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions) therefore the above salaries are quoted gross.