CV Tips


Writing your first CV might seem very difficult and scary but it doesn’t have to be. It is nothing more than a squeeze of the most important information about you, your qualifications and work experience. Try making it simple and easy to read.

Here are few tips on how to write the CV:

– First of all, your work experience should include all relevant jobs starting from the most recent one. Make sure there are no gaps in your work history. If you took time off to travel, study or visit your family it is important to include it or be prepared to explain it. Simply be honest.
– CV should not be too long and include just necessary information, therefore ideally 1 to 2 pages long. If you have lots of experience then you can concentrate and elaborate the most recent and relevant ones and the rest of them just mention by including job titles and dates.
– Please remember to stick to the same font size, colour and theme, for example ‘’Times New Roman’’ or ‘’Arial’’. Recommended body font size is anything between 10 to12. – Don’t use funny colours, weird page borders, or crazy backgrounds. Simplicity is the key.
– Please remember that email address is like your business card therefore should sound professional. You can create separate one just for this purpose if your private one does not meet this criteria.
– The photo of yourself is no longer recommended but if you wish to attach it please make sure it is professional and appropriate.
– And lastly please remember to include your contact details such as mobile number, email address. Your physical address is not necessary but it is worth mentioning your location.

Download CV Sample

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